We are pleased to list the following links.  Check them out!
Mommy Poppins has some great Boston area ideas for birthday party locations and more.

Amy Basse is our awesome fiddler.  She also does has her own busy music schedule.

The Boston Children's Theater has a birthday space you can rent.

WERS The Playground 88.9 FM with our favorite DJs including Sweet D.

Boston Children's Music has lots of great local and current information and listings

Bonaparte the Magician is the most charismatic magician we have seen.  Book a Music AND Magic Show with us for your next big event!

Free Music Resources for Educators is jam-packed with good stuff.

Gig Salad Official PromoKit this is a great booking agency site

Kiddie Records Weekly has free music and audio stories from the 1940s and 1950s for children.  Super!

Paul Sedgwick is our fabulous banjo player who also makes handmade instruments

Lemonsquare is a fellow musician and dad who writes fun pop music for kids

Free Songs For Kids is just that, a great resource for parents and teachers.

Songs For Teaching the name says it all.
Linking to each other's websites is a win-win strategy. Let us know if you would like to cross-link with us!